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The Norwegian Telecom Museum

Meet Isak the robot at Norwegian Telecom Museum in Oslo
Meet Isak the robot

The Norwegian Telecom Museum preserves items from, and imparts knowledge about, the history of telecommunications in Norway. Exhibitions, collections and historic buildings or installations "on site" can be found all over the country. The museum also conducts research in the history of telecommunications. The main exhibition shows you the history of telecommunications; from the vikings' cairns - via today's communication technology - to an idea of what tomorrow may bring. The exhibition is located in the Norwegian Museum of Science and Tecnology at Kjelsås, Oslo.

Activities for the whole family every weekend in Oslo:

Opening hours in Oslo:

Open every day all summer
21/8-19/6: Tue-fri: 9.00-16.00 Sat-Sun: 11-18 Mon. closed
Adr: Kjelsåsveien 143.



The museum lies in the northern outskirts of Oslo, ca. 8 km from Oslo S., by the lake Maridalsvannet. It's easy to reach by car, bus, tram or train. We offer free parking.